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Buffalo at Zion Mountain Ranch Lodging

There are very few free ranging buffalo left in America. In the 1800′s between 80 to 100 million buffalo once roamed the Americas, the first explorers could not describe the massive herds that blanketed the prairie. Due to over hunting by the settlers, by 1830 the amount had dropped to around 40 million. By the year 1865 the remaining buffalo population was hardly 15 million. It was not until 29 years later that the Federal Government finally passed its first Buffalo protection law in 1894. Unfortunately it came ten years too late, after the great killing had occurred. In 1925 it was estimated that only 4,400 American Buffalo were left. Now, thanks to the preservation efforts and independent help, there are around 35,000 healthy buffalo living in America today.


Buffalo at the Ranch

The Buffalo herd that is present at Zion Mountain Ranch was here before the first settlers built the first cabin. They made it a point to protect the majestic herd, and to preserve the habitat it was so rapidly losing. The Buffalo herd that lives at Zion Mountain Ranch is not owned by the ranch, or anyone else. We are simply passionate about protecting the livelihood of these truly magical animals. We are proud to be part of the efforts to re-build the damage that was done by our forefathers, to protect and preserve the habitat of the American Buffalo, and help to do our part to live in harmony with nature.


buffalo viewing from your cabin

Views from your Cabin

Zion Mountain Ranch has several hundred acres of buffalo pasture. The herd of over 50 buffalo live here year round, and to the enjoyment of the guests, the buffalo are visible from the cabins and trails surrounding the preserve.  There are ponds and grazing areas near the fence so you can get a close look at this magnificent  creature.